Vateeka, as the name reflects, is an organization dealing in the field of
green plants. We are not a traditional nursery per se; however, we
deal only in Indoor Plants. Vateeka provides varied applications like
vertical gardening, interior decoration with greenery at corporate
offices, hospitals etc.
At Vateeka, we are trying to spread awareness about how indoor
plants are as important as outdoor plants. Indoor plants play a very
vital role in our physical and mental wellbeing. Many of us are not
even aware of the benefits of indoor plants and thus at Vateeka we
are planning on educating people about their benefits and helping
them to live a healthy life and helping them in creating a green
environment for our future generations.

Name of Organization: Vateeka Lets go Green
Posted by: Ninad Bhoyar
Mobile: +918766559438
Address: Nandanwan Main roadc Nagpur – 440009

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